After all the tremendous savings the subscriber already receives thru our many Sales Events, to keep you coming back, we use Promo Codes. These Codes are used to establish one's Tier Status.


Tier 1 - 6+ Builds/year (20% off)
Tier 2 - 2-5 Builds/year (15% off)
Tier 3 - 1-2 Builds/year (10% off)
Tier 4 - Repeat Parts Buyer (5% or $5.00 off, whichever is higher)
Tier 5 - New Customer ($5.00 off)

​A customers' "Tier Level Status" remains for life as long there is no more than a 2-year gap between orders.


All purchases, no matter how small, will be discounted according to your Tier Level Status. However, once you reach Tier Level 1, you become a "Preferred Customer" for LIFE!!!

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