Bigsby-Style B5 Vibrato~Made in USA~
  • Bigsby-Style B5 Vibrato~Made in USA~


     ~~~Limited supply~~~

    Made in the USA and modeled after the "World Famous" Bigsby B5 Vibrato but BETTER!


    Aside from being made here in the US, the most outstanding feature is the Spring. Developed by Reverend Guitars for their second Signature Reverend Reeves Gabrels "Spacehawk" guitar. Nicknamed the "Soft Touch Spring” and made to Reeve's exact specifications. (Reeves is the former lead guitar player for The Cure & David Bowie.)


    actual quote...

    "This is the spring heard round the world! It’s squishy. It feels like it’s been broken in for decades. It’s a custom, low tension spring for easier and smoother action? a real game-changer!"


    Don't be fooled by the cheap Chinese Bigsby Knockoffs! These were made by a small shop out of Colorado. The workmanship is superb and combined with Reeves Gabrels's exclusive Spring design, arguably, the best Bigsby-style Vibrato/Tremolo on the market.


    Oh...did I mention "FREE SHIPPING" anywhere in the US...and only a $14.00 flat shipping fee for all international shipments. Just enter the Promo Code below that is applicable...


    DM_VIBRATO_20 - Free domestic shipping (inside the US)

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    Here are some of the reviews:


    FRITZ. (verified owner)

    October 9, 2017

    Absolutely spot on, 100% success!

    A great improvement and worth every penny.

    I highly recommended this oh so easy to install improvement!

    The Bigsby's arm had very little movement in it and it was very, very stiff. So much so, that I began searching the internet for a B16 to replace it, when I accidentally, or rather, fortuitously, saw a blog for the replacement Reverend Bigsby Spring.

    I ordered one and it arrived here, in the UK, today.

    So I lifted the Bigsby's arm, removed the original spring, replaced it with the recommended Reverend spring. I’ve been playing it for the last four or more hours and I can honestly say;

    It stays perfectly in tune.

    It is much, much more sensitive to my hand.

    It is literally, by comparison, now touch-sensitive.


    Chris Wilson

    September 11, 2017

    These make such a huge difference! I used to dislike the feel of a Bigsby, but the soft-touch spring really does transform the feel. I wouldn't do without one now.

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