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"Traditional" Knife Edge & Bolt Block Set
  • "Traditional" Knife Edge & Bolt Block Set

    Want to get started but still just short of having enough to buy all your parts at once?

    This "Traditional" Knife Edge and Bolt Block Combo is perfect for you!
    Now you can finish your body and Neck while you wait to buy your other Assemblies.

    All Knife Edges are precision machined, with hand-honed edge and case-hardened to 58-60Rc.


    Two sizes of Spring Bolts to choose from. 


    The best place to go from here would be to get the "Traditional" RS Control Knob and Strap Button Combo!

    Knife Edge & Bolt Block Specs (shown in images)


      All Spring Bolts are "Fully Threaded" and made from Stainless-Steel. M6 Stainless-Steel Washers also included to protect the Brass Spring Caps from gaulding while adjusting Spring tension.

      Sizes include:

      (2) M6 x 65mm Slotted Hex-Head

      (2) M6 x 75mm Slotted Hex-Head

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