"Traditional" Roller Bridge Assembly
  • "Traditional" Roller Bridge Assembly

    The most talked about RS Roller Bridge Assembly in the RS Community!!!

    Our "Enhanced" Roller Bridge design, in combination with our unique 2pc. Roller & Anvil design, all but eliminates the loss of a Roller in case of a string break.


    The Roller slips over a 1mm dia. x 9mm dowel (Anvil), with only 0.05mm clearance per side insuring the Roller spins stable and with as little friction as possible. The Bridge Block's intonation grooves are precision machined so that the 1mm Anvil "presses" into the groove, locking the Roller in place to spin freely. This one-of-a-kind design provides the smoothest movement possible.


    BUT...if you are a "Traditionalist", we also have the option of the "Traditional" one-piece Rollers.


    All Roller Bridge Assemblies include:

    (6) Roller Bridge Blocks

         ~~~Roller Options~~~

              OPTION #1: (2-piece Rollers)
                   (4) Low-E Rollers + Anvils [.050 "V" Groove]
                   (5) High-e Rollers + Anvils [.025 "V" Groove]

              OPTION #2: (1-piece Rollers)

                   (4) Low-E Rollers [1.25mm "U" Groove"]

                   (5) High-e Rollers [0.8mm "U" Groove]

              OPTION #3: (1-piece Rollers)

                   Brian May Roller Pack

                        (9) 0.8mm "U" Groove [0.8mm "U" Groove]
    (1) 1.5mm Tufnol Slotted Base Shim (Baseline Installation)
    (1) 1.5mm Brass Slotted Shim (Baseline Installation)
    (6) Traditional Brass 6BA Hank-Rivets
    (6) 6BA Cheeshead Mtg, Screws

    (1) "Precision" Shim Pack (Bonus)
              (1) 1mm Brass Slotted Shim (added extra shim if needed)
              (1) 0.5mm Brass Slotted Shim (added extra shim if needed)


      Roller Options:

      Option #1: (4) 2pc. Low-E Rollers, (5) 2pc. High-E Rollers, & (9) Anvils

      Option #2: (4) Low-E 1pc. Rollers, (5) High-E 1pc. Rollers


      Groove Specs:

      Low-E 2pc. Rollers: .050 "V" Groove

      High-E 2pc. Rollers: .025 "V" Groove

      Low-E 1pc. Rollers: 1.2mm "U" Groove

      High-E 1pc. Rollers: .080 "U" Groove


      String Spacing: 400 Series

      ~~~~10.16mm [.400"] string spacing~~~

      ~~~50.80mm [2.00"] E-e string spacing~~~


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