"Traditional" RS Build Kit with Pick Box & Sixpence
  • Complete "Traditional" RS Build Kit

    SKU: RS-01-100

    "400 Series" & "406 Series" Traditional RS Builds Kits


    Our new 2020 RS Parts line has several new improvements in design and function and your choice of polished or matte finish (shown here)


    Each Series include:

    (1) "Traditional" Rocker Assembly in Mild or Stainless Steel

    (1) "Traditional" Roller Bridge with extra Rollers & Shims

         Rollers - "Traditional" 1pc. or "Advanced" 2pc. design

              Roller Sets include: (4) Low-E & (5) High-E Rollers

         Shim Pack 

              (1) 1.5mm Tufnol Base Shim

              (1) 1.5mm, 1mm, and 0.5mm Brass Shims

         Mounting Options:

              "Traditional" 6BA Hank-Rivet or 1pc. Mounting Plate

    (2) "Traditional" RS Control Knobs and Strap Buttons

         Knobs to fit both 6mm & 6.35mm Post

              includes: "Peel-n-Stick" Locator Label, and .050" Allen
    (2) "Traditional" Strap Knobs (Nickel-Plated Brass)

              includes: "Red" Fiber-Washers & "Grolsch" Strap Locks

    (1) Pick Box with strong "Rare Earth" Magnets

              also included: (1) Sixpence, while supply last


    (see "Product Info" for more details)


      "400 Series" RS Specs

      ***10,16mm [.400"] string-string spacing***

      ***50,80mm [2.00"] E-e string spacing***

      "406 Series" RS Specs

      ***10,31mm [.406"] string-string spacing***

      ***51,56mm [2.03"] E-e string spacing***


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